Clémentine Maurice

Full-time researcher at CNRS, CRIStAL.

I am a security researcher. I am working as a full-time researcher (Chargée de Recherche) for CNRS, at CRIStAL (Lille, France), in the Spirals group.

Previously, I worked as a CNRS researcher at IRISA (Rennes, France) in the EMSEC group. Before that, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Secure Systems group at the Graz University of Technology, Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications, in Austria. I obtained my PhD from Telecom ParisTech in October 2015 while working at Technicolor in Rennes, jointly with the S3 group of Eurecom in Sophia Antipolis.

Among other topics, I am interested in microarchitectural covert and side channels in commodity computers and servers, reverse-engineering processor parts, software-based fault attacks, and fingerprinting everything.

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